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Nigeria Immigration Service Exam Likely Questions & Answers

Nigeria Immigration Service (NIS) Likely Questions & Answers Question 1: Numerically state the aims objective goals of the Nigeria immigration service? Answer: Issuance administration of Nigeria travel documents of persons arriving Nigeria departing Nigeria. Endorsement of all categories of travel documents of persons arriving Nigeria departing Nigeria. Visa issuance interpretation of such visas issuance of residence permit to foreign investors other expatriates who wish to reside in Nigeria. Question 2: State the rank in the officer’s cadre in Nigeria immigration services. Answer: Comptroller General (C.G.I) Deputy Comptroller General (DCGI) Assistant Comptroller General...

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Nigeria immigration service 2017 recruitment & How to apply for the Vaccancies

The Nigerian Immigration Service Recruitment Form 2017 is already out. Interested applicants/Cidates need to have the necessary information on how to apply for each job vaccancy in the Nigerian Immigrations Recruitment 2017. Bellow are the details about the general specific requirements / available cadres other details needed for application. Positions available their requirements. 1. Assistant Superintendent of Immigration II (ASI ”) Applicant must possess a minimum of first degree from a recognized institution of higher learning. NYSC discharged certificate Applicants must be between the ages of 18-30 years. 2. Senior Inspector of Immigration (SII) & Assistant Inspector...

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Screening Report; Third List of Cleared And Uncleared LGEA TEACHERS

Third List of Cleared And Uncleared LGEA TEACHERS which include Key LGEAs Like Lokoja Ankpa Dekina Kabba/bunu others. #. Report Description State MDA/LGA Report Status Download 1. LGEA Teachers Olamaboro Uncleared  Download 2. LGEA Teachers Okene Uncleared  Download 3. LGEA Teachers Lokoja Uncleared  Download 4. LGEA Teachers Kabba/Bunnu Uncleared  Download 5. LGEA Teachers Dekina Uncleared  Download 6. LGEA Teachers Ankpa Uncleared  Download 7. LGEA Teachers Olamaboro Cleared  Download 8. LGEA Teachers Okene Cleared  Download 9. LGEA Teachers Lokoja Cleared  Download 10. LGEA Teachers Kabba/Bunnu Cleared  Download 11. LGEA Teachers Dekina Cleared  Download 12. LGEA Teachers Ankpa Cleared  Download...

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Kogi Staff Screening; First List Of Cleared Uncleared Teachers

First List Of Cleared Uncleared Teachers 1. LGEA Teachers Yagba West Uncleared Download 2. LGEA Teachers Omala Uncleared Download 3. LGEA Teachers Okehi Uncleared  Download 4. LGEA Teachers Ogori Magongo Uncleared  Download 5. LGEA Teachers Mopamuro Uncleared  Download 6. LGEA Teachers Igalamela Uncleared  Download 7. LGEA Teachers Idah Uncleared  Download 8. LGEA Teachers Ibaji Uncleared Download 9. LGEA Teachers Adavi Uncleared  Download 10. LGEA Teachers Yagba West Cleared  Download 11. LGEA Teachers Omala Cleared  Download 12. LGEA Teachers Okehi Cleared Download 13. LGEA Teachers Ogori Magongo Cleared  Download 14. LGEA Teachers Mopamuro Cleared Download 15. LGEA Teachers Igalamela...

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Kogi Staff Screening: Second List of Cleared And Uncleared LGEA TEACHERS

Second List of Cleared And Uncleared LGEA TEACHERS 1. LGEA Teachers Yagba East Uncleared Download  2. LGEA Teachers Ofu Uncleared  Download 3. LGEA Teachers Kogi LGA Uncleared  Download 4. LGEA Teachers Ijumu Uncleared Download 5. LGEA Teachers Bassa Uncleared  Download 6. LGEA Teachers Ajaokuta Uncleared  Download 7. LGEA Teachers Yagba East Cleared  Download 8. LGEA Teachers Ofu Cleared  Download 9. LGEA Teachers Kogi LGA Cleared  Download 10. LGEA Teachers Ijumu Cleared  Download 11. LGEA Teachers Bassa Cleared  Download 12. LGEA Teachers Ajaokuta Cleared  Download Source: Share on:...

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