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5 Tools Everyone In The Tecnology Industry Should Be Using

Digital marketing is essential for businesses these days but the planning implementing all that goes into a digital campaign is not easy whether your targeting your products or services to businesses or consumers! Take it from a digital marketer herself – we are constantly under the pressure to keep up with the evolving dems of technology.

Although it’s not easy it’s important to remember that with the necessary tools available digital marketing can change a company for the better. Not only will you drive traffic to your website but you will overall enhance your efforts towards a productive digital marketing strategy.

Let’s check out these 5 tools everyone in the Digital Marketing industry should be using!


Google Analytics


Google Analytics provides you with website insights offers advanced analytics solutions to track website visitors on a real time basis. In other words you are able to track the complete journey of a customer through the sales funnel all by using Google Analytics!

It is essential for any business in the digital marketing industry because it helps you to underst ways to reach your audience drive traffic to your website! Wouldn’t you want to know where your visitors are coming from? How much traffic you are getting to your site? Which website pages are performing well which pages of your website they are viewing when they decide to click away to another site? You will know all of these answers just by using Google Analytics!


If you already have a website chances are you are already using Google Analytics so way to go! Now just make sure you go into your Google Analytics dashboard to see whether your meeting your marketing goals so you can properly make decisions that will grow your business.




Let’s start out by saying that Facebook is a tool that you should never overlook! With over a billion users worldwide that your business can target Facebook can be a great way to reach them! If you want to promote your business on Facebook you need to set up a Facebook business page that is completely different separate from your personal page.

When you create a Facebook business page you have access to Facebook Pages Manager Insights where it allows you to post to your page or edit posts or even share comment on relevant information with fans of your br. This ensures that the information shared or commented on enters their Facebook news feed.  Pages Manger allows you to have a 2-way communication with fans of your br Insights gives you information about the fans of your br. This allows you to target your products services to the right audience providing more value to your customers.

When using Facebook in the digital marketing industry there are also three marketing platforms that anyone can use to promote their br Pages Groups Ads. Pages are free Facebook profiles for businesses organizations public figures with no restrictions on the number of fans that can “like” a company’s page. Groups are discussion forums designed in a User Wall format the Ads is the social network’s paid marketing platform that helps businesses reach their customers based on their desired demographic.

With the many marketing platforms features Facebook has to offer it has proven itself to be one of the most powerful tools for any type of business in the digital marketing industry.


forbes men running


Now LinkedIn is a professional social network that focuses on career development professional connections industry discussions other types of business-related activities. If your main target market for your products or services is other businesses then LinkedIn is for you!


Just like Facebook LinkedIn requires you to promote your business on LinkedIn by setting up a LinkedIn Company Page.  Different from your personal page this page has the necessary tools resources to learn more about the people following your br which is important for any business. It allows your audience to differentiate you from your competitors.

LinkedIn is an important tool in the digital marketing industry because it allows a company to generate leads grow an email marketing list post high quality content which will provide value to customers gives a face to your company allows you to join groups stay active build relationships. To top it off did you know there is a page dedicated solely to those in the digital marketing industry that provides updates to the latest trends innovation best practices in digital marketing?




Twitter is one of those social platforms you just can’t stay off of with over 300 million active users you will find a sizeable part of your target market on Twitter! It also helps amplify your voice on the Internet helps tell a story (but of course in 140 characters or less)!


Here’s the catch Twitter is a little different in a sense that there is no separate profile for your br. This makes it a unique social platform for businesses to use in the digital marketing industry because you don’t need to think outside of the box about how you are going to give your br a personality of its own.

The issue businesses face with Twitter is that many companies do not know how to use it properly. Their tweets are just about their products or services so where is the authentic content an audience thrives over? To be successful on Twitter you must engage with your following with meaningful conversations about your br.

Twitter is a powerful tool companies can use to stay connected with their customers employees business partners. Twitter in the digital marketing industry can increase br awareness improve website traffic conversions.


website blog


And at the end of this digital marketing journey all roads must lead back to your website or blog!

Your website or business blog is yours it is the primary place that victors come looking for you your business where you can showcase talk about your products services all that you are do! Having a blog or a website allows your business to be available to customers 24/7 anytime they need you or have questions but it is important to pay attention to your website to keep it fresh clean up to date.


Keeping your website up to date is just as important as keeping your house clean up to date. Make sure there are no broken links that your website contains nice graphics that it is easy to navigate. Make sure that your website is responsive that it looks good on all devices whether it is on a smartphone mobile or tablet. Keeping these in mind will assure a successful website a successful business in the digital marketing industry!

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